Christmas Essentials 2016

Hey guys, it’s My Obscure Beauty and seeing that it’s mid November I think it’s socially acceptable to post a Christmas related post.  I have been waiting a long time for this…  And seeing that you all probably came to this blog for Beauty posts, I though I would direct this post towards that.  So here are some fashion and beauty essentials for Christmas 2016. 

Christmas Essentials 2016

1.)  Ugly Christmas sweater!

So if you haven’t been online or in-store Christmas shopping yet ugly Christmas sweaters are EVERYWHERE!  And I want one so badly but their expensive like what the hell I don’t have money?  So if any of my friends are reading this, you know what to get me this year.  You can get these from the stores below and more but these are the ones I know of.

Forever 21, Ardene (Canada Only), Target, much more.

2.)  Cute Ear Muffs

This is defiantly a HUGE essential if you live someone cold, sadly I live on a hot island and I can’t wear ear muffs (imagine sad music playing when you read that)… So go get some, I know for sure they sell them at Forever 21.

3.)  MAC’s Nutcracker Sweet Collection

I was just on MAC’s website and I LOVE their new Nutcracker Sweet Collection.  I want it, I need it.  Got get it, not to pressure you…

4.)  A beanie!

I absolutely love beanies, of course I can’t wear them, to hot, but I still do.  I know that forever 21 has a lot of holiday beanies and just all year around beanies to.  Go check em’ out.

5.)  Mittens

Once again love em’, can’t wear em’, do it anyway.  Forever 21 has so many mittens this time of year and I’m living for it.  Your probably done with my mentioning Forever 21 because I’ve done it so much this post.

6.)  Skin Care Problems

If you don’t have acne then I envy you, I also hate you, but not really just really sad that I have some.  But everyone is always happy when they get brand new acne treatment scrubs and masks out of their stockings.  So thats defiantly a must!


Those are all my Christmas essentials for 2016, comment down below what other christmas essentials that you have!  And make sure to leave a like on this post, and hit that follow button to your right.


My Obscure Beauty.



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