Must Have Ornaments for Christmas 2016

Hey guys it’s Maddie and I am bringing you the second day of My Obscure Christmas!  I’m not going to keep you waiting forever so lets get right to it shall we?  

MUST Have Ornaments for Christma2016

1.)  Pineapple Ornament (Online Only)

pineapple-ornament-maddieThis is one of the cutest ornaments I have ever seen. It’s defiantly everything, and I defiantly need it, but I also defiantly don’t have any money so… yeah, no chance on that.

This ornament is $16.95.






2.)  R2-D2 Ornament (Online Only)


This adorable ornament would automatically catch any star wars super-fans attention.  It defiantly caught mine.  Its actually not a lot of money seeing how cute it is.

This Ornament is $6.95






3.)  Disney Cinderella Castle Ornament 


Everyone should have at least one Disney ornament, thats a must, and this one adds a certain elegance to your tree, plus it’s super cute.  It would defiantly be a favourite on my tree this year.

This ornament is $24.95





4.)  2016 Snowflake Ornament

2016-snowflake-porcelain-ornament-root-1595qgo1491_1470_1.jpgWhen I move out and get a house for myself I plan to get an ornament for every Christmas with the year on it.  And this one is very cute and could  perfectly with your tree this year!

This ornament is $15.95






5.)  Birdhouse Ornament
beautiful-birdhouse-ornament-root-1795qx9201_1470_1I don’t think this ornament is a must have but I do think it’s one of the cutest ornaments that I have ever seen in my lifetime on this earth.  So yeah its everything, it gives me life and I need it now because I mean just look at it!

This ornament is $17.95





6.)  Cat and Mouse Ornament

mischievous-kittens-computer-mouse-ornament-root-1295qx9044_1470_1.jpgI mean come on this ornament is just adorable!  Plus, I mean it adorable go get it girl!

This ornament is $12.95







7.)  The Walking Dead Ornament

amc-the-walking-dead-rick-grimes-ornament-root-1795qxi3144_1470_1As a huge fan of The Walking Dead I’m going to say it I am in love with this ornament.  It’s amazing, and I actually really like it.  If you’re a Walking Dead fan like me this is a definite must have for your tree this year!

This ornament is $17.95






8.) The Grinch Ornament


The Grinch is defiantly one of the best Christmas movie out there.  The live action movie of the grinch is not very good but the cartoon is amazing.  I absolutely love this ornament and I hope you do too.

This ornament is $17.95





9.)  Baked Reindeer Ornament

seasons-treatings-reindeer-ornament-root-1295qx9151_1470_1I find this ornament very, very cute.  I mean it shows off my two favourite things, baked goods and Christmas!  It’s adorable and I just want to eat it.  Also it could be your 2016 ornament, as I mention earlier.

This ornament is $12.95





10.)  Snoopy Ornament

the-peanuts-movie-paratrooper-snoopy-ornament-root-1595qxi3284_1470_1.jpgSnoopy has always been a iconic cartoon character and I actually have a Snoopy ornament and I love it.  A Snoopy ornament is a amazing addition to your Christmas tree starting Christmas 2016.

This ornament is $15.95






So thats it for the second day of 12 Days of My Obscure Christmas.  I hope you’re enjoying it so far, I really enjoy writing these and I absolutely love Christmas time!  Make sure to read tomorrows post, I’ll give you a secret, tomorrows post is going to be about fashion!  I hope you love it!  Bye.




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