Outfits for Christmas Time

Hey guys, it’s Maddie and today I have the third day of 12 Days of My Obscure Christmas!  Can you believe it, there is only 9 days left till Christmas (including today).  So for todays blog post, you probably already noticed seeing the title, “Outfits for Christmas Time!” so I’m going to stop rambling on about the post and just give it to you.  Here you go!

Outfits for Christmas Time


1.)  Beauty Without Trying

maddie #1.jpg
Made Using Polyvore

Theres always theres always one person who goes out looking flawless without even trying.  Well today I’m going to teach you how to accomplish this look.

*Step 1*

First things first you have to get the cloths down.  So get your favourite pair of leggings, and a sweater you love that goes well with them.

*Step 2*

The shoes.  Some may even argue that they are the most important part the outfit.  Get some cute boots like the ones in the photo beside you, or get your old pair of converse and your pretty much ready to go.

*Step 3*

Accessories!  They can change your outfit so much.  For this outfit you simply need a scarf that would match your outfit and a phone case to match it too.



2.)  Trendymaddie-2

This is the more Trendy side to Christmas 2016.  Its a easy look to create but not to work, so if you can then try it out.  This is how.

*Step 1*

Clothes. Simply get a skater skirt and a long sleeved crop top.  You will also need a pair of knee high socks that you may need to buy.  I have choosen one that have cute cat faces on them which you can see to your right.

*Step 2*

Shoes. Simply, but makes a difference.  Go with a pair of high heeled boots, choose the colour that best matches your outfit.  If you don’t own boots, you could always go with your everyday pair of converse.

*Step 3*

Accessories, lets go!  Okay so will definitely need a cute hat, a beanie with a pom-pom one the top of it maybe?  For your phone case go with something simply that matches your outfit.  I have chosen this Christmas one that says “All I Want For Christmas Is You”.  If you want you can add in a purse, you choose.



3.)  Christmas Partymaddie3

Can’t have a Christmas without going to a party, or even just Christmas dinner, either way if there’s any excuse for dressing up all fancy I’ll always take it.  Now let me teach you how to get this look.

*Step 1*

The dress!  You can’t go out without a dress.  I love dresses.  And after this outfit, I hope you will too.  I want will a simply red dress to show of the Christmas colours.  But you can choose another colour of dress if you wish to.

*Step 2*

Shoes, as always, they give me life!  I went with beauty red tall heels to match the dress.

*Step 3*

Jewellery completes an outfit when needed, and for a fancy dinner party, jewellery is defiantly needed.  I choose a neckless, fake diamonds of course I’m not rich!  And earrings, as the neckless fake.

*Step 4*

Accessories, purses, phone cases, everything!  So for this party outfit I have choose a black hand purse, black so the whole outfit is not red, and for a phone case I have something match the outfit completely.


So thats the ending of day 3!  Hope you enjoyed, and stick around for tomorrows post!  Bye guys.




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