Things to do Over Winter Break

maddieHey guys.  So, even though this post is part of MyObscureChristmas (day six)  I have realized that not everyone celebrates Christmas.  So for the sixth day of My Obscure Christmas I am taking a break of Christmas, as hard as it may be, and doing a more winter based theme.  Today I give to you:



Things To Do Over Winter Break


1.)  Have a Snowball Fight!

This thing to do over the winter break is something that you with definitely find in almost every “Things to do Over the Winter Break” blog post that you can find.  Go outside with some friends and have a good old fashioned snowball fight.  Have some laughs and afterwards you can…


2.) Cuddle up Next to the Fire

After your out on the town and your boots are wet and your hair is frozen solid put on a comfy sweater, grab a cup of coffee or hot chocolate and a boyfriend and/or friend and sit by the fire.  Tell some stories and scroll through Instagram.  Put on a awesome movie/tv show and just relax.  


3.)  Go to the Beach

If you are like me and don’t like someone that snows, but instead you live on a hot island, you can talk a chill day down at the beach.  Go in the ocean, drink a smoothie, eat a burger and just have fun.  Maybe bring a book if you enjoy to read, or bring some friends if your in the mood to chat.  The ocean is my happy and comfortable place.  


4.)  Go out and Get a Coffee/Hot Chocolate

Imagine it, its 8:00am you wake up feeling like crap (maybe even looking like it) and you just want to sleep for a month.  All you need is a little coffee in your system and you’ll be good to go.  And to those crazies who decide not to drink coffee, hot chocolate may not be as good but its still a winter tradition.


5.)  Make Your Instagram Tumblr AF

You see all the girls you know these days just magically make there Instagram’s magically Tumblr for the winter season.  Well now you can be on of those annoying girls too!  Simply follow these easy steps below!

  1. Take photos of the most random random crap ever
  2. Make sure the colours all go with each other somehow even if it barley makes sense
  3. Slap a filter onto it and still us the hashtage “NoFilter”
  4. Add a artsy caption that theres a 99.99% chance that you got off the internet


6.)  Have a Movie Night With you Friends/Family

Invite some friends over or just ask your family to have a fun movie night with you.  Get some chips, soda, popcorn, hot chocolate and other movie night essentials and watch a bunch of movies.  My family always watches the Lord of the Rings movies.


Thanks for reading guys.  I hope you enjoyed day six, and that was something different because some people as I said earlier not everyone celebrates Christmas!  Talk to you guys tomorrow!  Bye!






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