Best Christmas Songs EVER

Hey guys, it’s is Maddie and today is the eighth day of My Obscure Christmas.  Christmas songs are by far one of the best things about Christmas.  It doesn’t matter if you start listening to Christmas songs on November 1st or December 15th or July 20th, Christmas songs are still the best things ever!  And today I’m writing about some Christmas songs that we all know off by heart.  Lets go!

Best Christmas Songs EVER Made


1.)  All I Want For Christmas is You

You can ask anyone about there favourite Christmas songs, and theres a 99.99% chance that this song will be on there list.  This is my favourite Christmas song and me and my sister love to try to hit that high note at the end of the song. 


2.)  Mistletoe (Justin Bieber)

Now, even thought Justin has totally destroyed his career and is extemely rude to his fans, any former Belieber and anyone for that matter, can’t help but sing every word of this song when it comes on.  Trust me I know, I was too, a former Belieber.


3.)  Christmas Wrapping

I am not ashamed that I can sing every word to this song perfectly.


4.)  The Most Wonderful Day of The Year

The Glee version of this songs is EVERYTHING!  And if you have been reading my My Obscure Christmas blog posts then you would know that this song is actually from my favourite Christmas movie, of all time.  Go check it out if you haven’t seen it already.


5.)  Must Be Santa

If you have this song memorized lyric by lyric then you deserve a metal for being one of the most dedicated human beings on this planet.  *Slow Clap*


So thats it for day eight of My Obscure Christmas, I hope you follow my blog theres a follow button to your right, and make sure to like this post.  Four days till Christmas guys, who else is hella excited?  Bye!





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