Weird Candy Cane Flavors

Hey guys, it’s Maddie and today is Christmas Eve Eve!  So exciting!  So for the tenth day of this wonder series, 12 Days of My Obscure Christmas, I’m give you some weird candy cane flavors, and your going to get try them, lets go.

Weird Candy Cane Flavors


1.)  Gravy Flavored

As a one of the only humans on earth who hates gravy I must say I’m would not be excited for these canes, but they are sure to fill the heart of the special gravy loving person  in your life.


2.)  Pickle Flavored

This flavor is everywhere this Christmas season.  I am not a huge fan of pickles but I predict that if you are then you’ll love this weird flavor.


3.)  Life Saver Flavored

Now these ones aren’t even that weird but I just felt the need to include them because, hello, Life Saver flavored candy canes?  Um… Sign me up please!


4.)  Bacon Flavored

I would just like you all to know that I’m Canadian.  And not to be stereotypical, but I like my bacon no matter how its cooked.  Now seeing that I live on an island, and I can’t get them here, it’s your duty to get them and eat them on my behalf, okay?


5.)  Oreo Flavored

Oreo’s are one of the best things in this world, so for some amazing person who one day though “Hey, lets screw some crap up and make a Oreo flavored candy cane this Christmas”  Bless your soul.  That’s all I’m saying on the subject.


6.)  Cinnabon Flavor

There’s nothing left to say other than, thank you to who ever made this.


So that’s it for today guys.  I hope you can try some of these awesome yet weird flavors.  I knoe I would if I could.  Talk to you guys later!  Bye!




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