5 Reasons Why I’m Scared to Become an Adult

Hey guys!  So today I’m going to be bringing you a few reasons why I’m terrified to become an adult.  If some 13 going on 30 stuff happened to me I would not survive.  Lets get into this post.


5 Reason Why I’m Scared to Become an Adult


1.)  I would buy everything

This is probably one of the main reasons why I can’t be an adult because I would just buy everything I see while online shopping, or even just going around in the grocery store, because I have absolutely no will power. 


2.)  Cooking?

Let me tell you.  I have not been blessed with the gift of cooking.  I mean I=its not my strong suit, or my suit at all.  So can you say “Take out?”


3.)  Bills

I’ll be to busy spending all my money on useless stuff that I’ll use once to pay my bills. So lets just leave it on that for the whole “Bills” subject.


4.)  Pets

I’m a huge animal lover and if I had a pet I would either accidentally let them out and it would run away or I would forget to feed it


5.)  I’m just not at all street smart

I’m the type of person who would let some random person from the streets into my house, so ya, #PrayForMaddie2017


Thanks for reading guys.  I’m going to be trying to post more often because I haven’t post in about half a month.  Hope you enjoyed reading this and I’ll talk to you all next time!
















































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