Room Decor Haul!

Hey guys!  So, today I am going to be showing you all what’s in my Urban Outfitters Shopping Bag!  The prices for all of these are in Canadian cash.  I hope you like this blog post, if so give it a thumbs up.  But lets get into it.

Room Decor Haul


1- Wire Wall Grid Shelf ($20)

Wire Wall Grid Shelf

So I love this this, it’s super cute because I have so many Polaroids and just photos I have taken in general (follow my photography Instagram: @framedbymaddie) that I have nowhere to display.  It would also be super cute to put a little plant on the shelf too.  It comes in black and green.


2- Metal Moon Cycle Banner ($22)Slide View: 1: Hammered Metal Moon Cycle Banner

I love this banner.  I was looking through all of Urban Outfitters wall art and none caught my eye other than this one which is so cute!  This only comes in the colour gold, but I love it in gold!  I know that Urban is super expensive, and compared to some of their other stuff this isn’t that bad. You can’t really complain about prices if you’re shopping at Urban because you should know what you’re getting into.

3- Mini Cinema Light Box ($29)Mini Cinema Light Box

I love how cinema boxes are a trend now!  I find them so cute and I really want one, but I’m broke so it just sits in my car all day.  Tragic.  But in all seriousness I find this really cute and I can imagine a really cute saying inside to help me through the day. 


4- Cork Board World Map ($49)Slide View: 1: Cork Board World Map

I really want a map of the world to put up on my wall.  I don’t know why but I find them oddly satisfying even though they just sit on the wall and do nothing… But with this one you can pin thing to it.  I find that really cool.  I would probably stick a photo on a few of my favourite places in the world. 


5- Daily Notebook ($20)Slide View: 1: Daily Notebook

So this notebook is soooo cute and I have this thing for notebook’s.  Yes I have a notebook fetish… But in all seriousness I always buy notebooks literally every time I see them my mom always buy’s notebooks for me because I’m broke as hell.  it comes in brown as shown, rainbow and one that has eye’s all over it.


6- Fleece Hooded Throw Blanket ($34)Slide View: 1: Beach Fleece Hooded Throw Blanket

So this blanket is hella expensive, but is also hella cute, soooo… I wish.  I really want a hooded blanket because they look really comfortable and I really want one just because. Which sounds really bitchy… But these come in grey and purple.  I personally love the purple one.


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Autumn Look Book

Hey guys, so today I am doing what ever single person on the internet is doing.  Today I’m giving you all my

Autumn Look Book

Only thing is that I’m broke as hell so I am just going to take clothes off sites like Forever 21 and H&M.  Is this just an excuse so I can shop without feeling guilty, yes.  But lets get into this post.

1- Waffle-Knit Crop Top From Forever 21Waffle-Knit Crop Top

So the minute I saw this top I feel in love with it.  It comes in this light pink and a dark red.  I personally love the light pick one because I would wear some cute black leggings with it, maybe some cute sun glasses a high ponytail.  You know, make it look super cute.

2- Mock-Neck Swing Dress From Forever 21Mock-Neck Swing Dress

So I can picture this dress with some super cute boots and tights.  Messy bun, you know just a casual look for the fall.  This dress comes in green, red and pink.  To me, it just screams Autumn, which is why I love it so much!  To be honest forever 21 is my queen because a lot of the stuff that it has isn’t a that much money.

3- Chunky Knit Pompom Beanie From Urban OutfittersThumbnail View 1: Chunky Knit Pompom Beanie

So I may live on an island but I really want a beanie because I don’t have one and I would power through the sweat and wear it on the island because they are cute as hell.  The beanie comes in the light brown colour in the photo and pink.

Thumbnail View 1: Silence + Noise Hooded Sherpa Aviator

4- Silence + Noise Hooded Sherpa Aviator From Urban Outfitters

I am spending Christmas this year in Canada and this coat is super cute and I really love it.  Plus I figured I would show it to you guys so you can buy it and love it like I would.  This jacket only comes in one colour, which is the light brown one that is to the left.

Thumbnail View 1: Light Before Dark Oversized Sherpa Zip-Up Jacket

5- Light Before Dark Oversized Sherpa Zip-Up Jacket From Urban Outfitters

Living for this jacket though, I want it, I need it.  Please.  But I actually really like this jacket I think it’s amazing and I really want it but it’s really expensive and I’m broke so… yeah.  

So that is it for today’s post, make sure to like and comment down below which of these you like the most.  Follow me for post like this and more, but I’ll talk to you guys later. Bye!

Instagram Trends: Yes or No- Part 2

Hello everybody, so yesterday I posted- Instagram Trends: Yes or No.  I listed a bunch of Instagram trends and told you all my opinions on them.  (Click here for that post).  You guys loved it so today I’m bring you, part two.

Instagram Trends: Yes or No

Part Two

1- Braided eyebrows.Image result for braided eyebrows

So yesterday we talked about feathered eyebrows and today it gets worse… braided eyebrows.  Yes you read that right.  No typos, braided eyebrows are officially a thing.  If you don’t know what braided eyebrows are then your are the luckiest person on this planet because braided eyebrows are the devils gift to this world.  I don’t think I like braided brow for music festivals or magazines.  Just no.

2- Using Weird Things as Beauty Blenders!Related image

This trend is probably the weirdest trend I’ve ever seen.  People use things from, boiled eggs to condoms.  And to be honest I just don’t get it.  In most of the videos I’ve seen they show a beauty blender at the beginning of the video, and then just throw it away, so its not like they don’t have one or anything.  I don’t hate this, the videos are amusing as hell.  But I just don’t understand this at all.  I personally can’t wait to see what these people use next.

3- Lollipop Lips?Image result for lollipop lips

So this is probably the worst one yet.  So as you can see from the photo, the point of this trend is to put on lipstick and then smudge it.  Why?  I don’t know.  I feel like it would be really weird because people would be telling you all day, your lipstick is smudged, and you would have to say “nah, I’m just lollipopin’ it.”  I also think it looks really bad. 

4- Neon Eyeliner!Image result for neon eyeliner

Actually so happy with this one.  I love it so much, it no that crazy and it is super cute. Would definitely try it out.  Just like last time, it’s the fancy eyeliners that I always fall in love with.

5- Wavy Brows…Image result for wavy eyebrows

So I’m going to just quickly say I hope that who ever made wavy eyebrows sits down and thinks about what they have done because what the hell is this bullshit?  I literally just don’t understand why someone would do this to themselves.  It’s one hundred percent a no from me. 

So that is it for this post.  Comment down below which of these weird trends you would try and the weirdest thing you have seen someone apply makeup with.  Make sure to give this post s thumbs up an share it with your friends.  Give me a follow and I’ll talk to you next time.  Bye!

Instagram Trends: Yes or No?

Hello everyone!  So, it has been a hot minute since I posted a blog post, but here I am.  I’ve decided to post weekly, every Friday from now on.  Seeing that I’ve been gone for quite a while, I figured I would come back with a bang.  I’m talking about one of the biggest thing on the internet.  Yes, I’m taking about


I’m going to tell you all my thoughts on the biggest Instagram trends, so lets get into this blog post shall we?

1- Feathered Brows?Image result for feather eyebrows

Okay, I’m going to say this, what the hell.  Who thought of this one?

*A girl is walking down the street and sees a feather, she picks it up and examines it.* *Another girl watches as the feather lines up with her eyebrow as she is looking at it.* “Holy crap!  Genius!”

Like, no hate or anything, but what the actual hell?  If you couldn’t already tell this is a huge no for me.  BUT, I do understand it for a fashion magazine or a music festival.  But in everyday life, I’ll pass.

2- Glitter EVERYWHERE!Related image

Imma say, I love glitter as much as anyone, but that stuff clings to you like a little kid when he finds out that you got games on your phone.  Glitter on the face, yes.  Glitter in the hair, sometimes.  But when you start to put it on your armpits and your ass, honey, that is where I draw the line.  

But you do you!

3- Fur Nails…Related image

So listen, I can barely paint my toes, now you want me to try to glue some fur onto my nails?  I just don’t get it. That’s not cute.  That ain’t stylish!  I don’t think that I even approve of this for a magazine or a festival.  I don’t get it at all.  I don’t really like fur in general to be honest.  It’s a no from me. That is all there is to say about it.

4- Eyebrow Wigs.Related image

Now listen.  I love a good wig, your hair doesn’t get damaged from the sun or from hair dye.  They make life more functional, I hope to one day have one myself.  But.  But, to have.  A wig?  For your eyebrows?  I don’t hate it, but I just want to know what company thought of this.  Because actually kind of genius.  I have never tried it, never plan on trying it.  But hey, if it makes your brows look cute then rock that brow wig!

5- Flower Liner!Image result for flower eyeliner

Oh my god, I actually love this one so much!  I wish I had the talent that some of these people have to draw flowers with their eyeliner.  Literally can’t even do a wing, but you are literally painting your faces.  Like are you all artist’s, because that is what it looks like from here.  Goals to the next level.  Normal everyday, musical festival, or magazine. You name it, I’m for it.  And, if anyone wants to teach me how to do this, just hit me up.

So that is it for this blog post.  Make sure to like and follow.  Comment and let me know which of these trends you would try and what you want to see next week!  I’ll see you guys next Friday, bye!

Accessories: January

Hey guys!  First of all I would like to say sorry for not posting for a while, I have alot on my plate right now.  So today I am bringing you guys some accessories for January.    I hope you enjoy!  Lets get into it.


Accessories: January


1.)  Round Sunglasses (Link)Round Sunglasses

I’ve always wanted a pair of glasses like this but never would actually use them because I only go out on Saturdays and Sunday…

$7.90 (USA)

From Forever21



2.)  Pineapple-shaped Earbuds (Link)Pineapple-Shaped Earbuds

I actually need headphones because I break headphones literally one second after I get them.  Why not get pineapple ones

$6.90 (USA)

From Forever21




3.)  Lamb  Print Socks  (Link)

Heathered Lamb Print Socks

Just because everyone need a little lamb in their life…

$1.90 (USA)

From Forever21





4.)  Mesh Chain Choker (Link)

Mesh Chain Choker

Everyone needs a choker, no?

$4.90 (USA)

From Forever21






5.)  Bow Tie Headwrap  (Link)

Bow Tie Headwrap I want one, but I don’t have money, now I’m sad.

$3.90 (USA)

From Forever21






I hope you enjoyed this post!  So I’m going to be posting one of these posts every month, so get ready.  Sorry this post was really short but I’m working on getting a Youtube Channel up.  I hope you give me a like and a follow and I’ll talk to you all later.