Autumn Look Book

Hey guys, so today I am doing what ever single person on the internet is doing.  Today I’m giving you all my

Autumn Look Book

Only thing is that I’m broke as hell so I am just going to take clothes off sites like Forever 21 and H&M.  Is this just an excuse so I can shop without feeling guilty, yes.  But lets get into this post.

1- Waffle-Knit Crop Top From Forever 21Waffle-Knit Crop Top

So the minute I saw this top I feel in love with it.  It comes in this light pink and a dark red.  I personally love the light pick one because I would wear some cute black leggings with it, maybe some cute sun glasses a high ponytail.  You know, make it look super cute.

2- Mock-Neck Swing Dress From Forever 21Mock-Neck Swing Dress

So I can picture this dress with some super cute boots and tights.  Messy bun, you know just a casual look for the fall.  This dress comes in green, red and pink.  To me, it just screams Autumn, which is why I love it so much!  To be honest forever 21 is my queen because a lot of the stuff that it has isn’t a that much money.

3- Chunky Knit Pompom Beanie From Urban OutfittersThumbnail View 1: Chunky Knit Pompom Beanie

So I may live on an island but I really want a beanie because I don’t have one and I would power through the sweat and wear it on the island because they are cute as hell.  The beanie comes in the light brown colour in the photo and pink.

Thumbnail View 1: Silence + Noise Hooded Sherpa Aviator

4- Silence + Noise Hooded Sherpa Aviator From Urban Outfitters

I am spending Christmas this year in Canada and this coat is super cute and I really love it.  Plus I figured I would show it to you guys so you can buy it and love it like I would.  This jacket only comes in one colour, which is the light brown one that is to the left.

Thumbnail View 1: Light Before Dark Oversized Sherpa Zip-Up Jacket

5- Light Before Dark Oversized Sherpa Zip-Up Jacket From Urban Outfitters

Living for this jacket though, I want it, I need it.  Please.  But I actually really like this jacket I think it’s amazing and I really want it but it’s really expensive and I’m broke so… yeah.  

So that is it for today’s post, make sure to like and comment down below which of these you like the most.  Follow me for post like this and more, but I’ll talk to you guys later. Bye!


Instagram Trends: Yes or No- Part 2

Hello everybody, so yesterday I posted- Instagram Trends: Yes or No.  I listed a bunch of Instagram trends and told you all my opinions on them.  (Click here for that post).  You guys loved it so today I’m bring you, part two.

Instagram Trends: Yes or No

Part Two

1- Braided eyebrows.Image result for braided eyebrows

So yesterday we talked about feathered eyebrows and today it gets worse… braided eyebrows.  Yes you read that right.  No typos, braided eyebrows are officially a thing.  If you don’t know what braided eyebrows are then your are the luckiest person on this planet because braided eyebrows are the devils gift to this world.  I don’t think I like braided brow for music festivals or magazines.  Just no.

2- Using Weird Things as Beauty Blenders!Related image

This trend is probably the weirdest trend I’ve ever seen.  People use things from, boiled eggs to condoms.  And to be honest I just don’t get it.  In most of the videos I’ve seen they show a beauty blender at the beginning of the video, and then just throw it away, so its not like they don’t have one or anything.  I don’t hate this, the videos are amusing as hell.  But I just don’t understand this at all.  I personally can’t wait to see what these people use next.

3- Lollipop Lips?Image result for lollipop lips

So this is probably the worst one yet.  So as you can see from the photo, the point of this trend is to put on lipstick and then smudge it.  Why?  I don’t know.  I feel like it would be really weird because people would be telling you all day, your lipstick is smudged, and you would have to say “nah, I’m just lollipopin’ it.”  I also think it looks really bad. 

4- Neon Eyeliner!Image result for neon eyeliner

Actually so happy with this one.  I love it so much, it no that crazy and it is super cute. Would definitely try it out.  Just like last time, it’s the fancy eyeliners that I always fall in love with.

5- Wavy Brows…Image result for wavy eyebrows

So I’m going to just quickly say I hope that who ever made wavy eyebrows sits down and thinks about what they have done because what the hell is this bullshit?  I literally just don’t understand why someone would do this to themselves.  It’s one hundred percent a no from me. 

So that is it for this post.  Comment down below which of these weird trends you would try and the weirdest thing you have seen someone apply makeup with.  Make sure to give this post s thumbs up an share it with your friends.  Give me a follow and I’ll talk to you next time.  Bye!


I’m blonde.  And yeah, it great.  My golden locks shine in the sunlight and blow through the wind.

But it also sucks.

Like ready bad.


The amount of times that I hear jokes about blondes being more fun, or slutty, or stupid.  My classmates, friends and even television shows or YouTube videos.  It makes me feel terrible about myself, even though it is a hair colour, and something that I was born with.

‘Stupid blonde.’

‘I thought you were supposed to be fun.’

‘Hey blondie.’


Why are the mean girls always blonde?

Why is the stupid friend always blond?

And most importantly,

Why are the smart, respectable girls, NEVER blonde?

Hairstyles for Christmas

Hey guys, as always it Maddie.  So for the fourth day of 12 days of My Obscure Christmas, I have something just like the last day.  Hairstyles for Christmas.  I hope your try some out!

Hairstyles for Christmas


1.)  The Fishtail Braid fishtailbraid

This braid is beautiful, and can go with just about anything.  It’s a perfect braid for a simply cosy night by the fire, or a night out on the town, I would insist on using this braid to get your hair out of your face when needed, and it looks really amazing and beautiful.




2.)  Half-Up Half-Down Braided Crownmaxresdefault

I love doing these types of crowns.  There easy and they look good all at the same time.  They go well with just about any non-formal setting that you go to during Christmas time.  As I said this isn’t a formal hair style.




3.)  Messy Bun

Although the average messy bun looks easy to achieve, they can actually be really hard do.  They look really good if you have a lot of highlights in your hair.  There good for days were you’re just done with 2016, and we all are, so there perfect for this year.







4.)  Messy Ponytail

easy-hairstyles-for-long-hair-messy-ponytail.jpgThis is probably the easy hair style to do.  It goes with everything, I dare you to try and prove me wrong.  Having a bad day, put your hair up and spray it with dry shampoo, and then you’re good to go.   I think that a messy ponytail looks the best if you have long, thick hair.






5.)  Braided Bun


This bun is amazing because it can be used for a casual situation or a formal situation.  Its also easier than it may look.  This is a braided hairstyle that everyone should know how to do.








So thats day four, I hope you enjoyed, their will be something similar to this post tomorrow but with makeup, so stay tuned and make sure to give this post a like, and the one tomorrow too.  There are 8 days left for 12 Days of My Obscure Christmas, make sure to read everyone of them.