Accessories: January

Hey guys!  First of all I would like to say sorry for not posting for a while, I have alot on my plate right now.  So today I am bringing you guys some accessories for January.    I hope you enjoy!  Lets get into it.


Accessories: January


1.)  Round Sunglasses (Link)Round Sunglasses

I’ve always wanted a pair of glasses like this but never would actually use them because I only go out on Saturdays and Sunday…

$7.90 (USA)

From Forever21



2.)  Pineapple-shaped Earbuds (Link)Pineapple-Shaped Earbuds

I actually need headphones because I break headphones literally one second after I get them.  Why not get pineapple ones

$6.90 (USA)

From Forever21




3.)  Lamb  Print Socks  (Link)

Heathered Lamb Print Socks

Just because everyone need a little lamb in their life…

$1.90 (USA)

From Forever21





4.)  Mesh Chain Choker (Link)

Mesh Chain Choker

Everyone needs a choker, no?

$4.90 (USA)

From Forever21






5.)  Bow Tie Headwrap  (Link)

Bow Tie Headwrap I want one, but I don’t have money, now I’m sad.

$3.90 (USA)

From Forever21






I hope you enjoyed this post!  So I’m going to be posting one of these posts every month, so get ready.  Sorry this post was really short but I’m working on getting a Youtube Channel up.  I hope you give me a like and a follow and I’ll talk to you all later.