My Schedule

Sunday- Update Sunday (So every Sunday I’ll post a little video or right a blog post about what’s new and how my life is going)

Monday- Music/Movie Monday (I post a review on a movie or tv show, or I tell you guys so major bops I’ve listening to recently.  Yes I did just say “major bops”… I’ll go home)

Tuesday- Travel Tuesday (I post a travel vlog, a list of place I want to go, a travel guide)

Wednesday- Random Wednesday (As you can tell by the title on Wednesday I post what ever is on my mind that day.  Am I doing this because I couldn’t think of a topic that starts with W, yes… but I think it is good to have a day that I can post anything that comes to my mind)

Thursday- Trends Thursday (So you guys seem to really love my trend post’s so I decided to give you all one once a week.  Enjoy!)

Friday- Food/Fashion Friday (Who doesn’t like food!  And fashions too!So I’ll be posting about these awesome topic once a week!)

Saturday- Seasonal Saturday (So on Saturday’s I will posting a blog post about what ever season it is- winter, spring, summer and autumn)