How to Tell if you Love Food too Much

Hello to all of my obscure beauty’s.  Do you think that’s what I should call you guys?  There isn’t even that much of you guys, and here I am already coming up with names for you lovely people.  So I’m not going to drag this intro on lets get into the post,

How to Tell if you Love Food too Much…

1- You call it a he/she

So I’m one hundred percent guilty of this one but only because food is bae.  But seriously I feel like a lot of people I know do this to and I personally find it hilarious.  Not in like a bad way, in a way like, literally we are all messes.  I think that calling food by he or she is amazing and I hope people never stop doing it.

2- You Feel Attacked when Someone Doesn’t Like your Favourite Food

So I relate to this one on a spiritual level.  Like I get it if you don’t like the same food as me, because well that is just life but you do not have to tell me about it when ever you get the chance.  You order your favourite food at a restaurant, “OMG, how do you eat that?” Or you even mention your favourite food in front of them, “Wait, wait, wait- you like that!  Oh my god no way!”  Like I get it everyone has opinions but keep yours to yourself.

3- When you Find Someone who Shares your Love of Food They are Automatically your New Bestie

So this one is an obvious one, because when you find someone you have things in common with you want to be their friend, especially if it’s food.  So I would say if this happened that you love food too much.

4- You Spend your Entire Day Thinking About What’s for Dinner

So, this one literally describes my life.  And probably a lot of yours too, hopeful I’m not alone with this one.  But if you are having mac and cheese for dinner tonight then I don’t blame you for thinking about it all day.

5- You Write an Entire Blog Post Dedicated to Food

I mean Who would write a entire blog post dedicate to just foo- shit…

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Autumn Look Book

Hey guys, so today I am doing what ever single person on the internet is doing.  Today I’m giving you all my

Autumn Look Book

Only thing is that I’m broke as hell so I am just going to take clothes off sites like Forever 21 and H&M.  Is this just an excuse so I can shop without feeling guilty, yes.  But lets get into this post.

1- Waffle-Knit Crop Top From Forever 21Waffle-Knit Crop Top

So the minute I saw this top I feel in love with it.  It comes in this light pink and a dark red.  I personally love the light pick one because I would wear some cute black leggings with it, maybe some cute sun glasses a high ponytail.  You know, make it look super cute.

2- Mock-Neck Swing Dress From Forever 21Mock-Neck Swing Dress

So I can picture this dress with some super cute boots and tights.  Messy bun, you know just a casual look for the fall.  This dress comes in green, red and pink.  To me, it just screams Autumn, which is why I love it so much!  To be honest forever 21 is my queen because a lot of the stuff that it has isn’t a that much money.

3- Chunky Knit Pompom Beanie From Urban OutfittersThumbnail View 1: Chunky Knit Pompom Beanie

So I may live on an island but I really want a beanie because I don’t have one and I would power through the sweat and wear it on the island because they are cute as hell.  The beanie comes in the light brown colour in the photo and pink.

Thumbnail View 1: Silence + Noise Hooded Sherpa Aviator

4- Silence + Noise Hooded Sherpa Aviator From Urban Outfitters

I am spending Christmas this year in Canada and this coat is super cute and I really love it.  Plus I figured I would show it to you guys so you can buy it and love it like I would.  This jacket only comes in one colour, which is the light brown one that is to the left.

Thumbnail View 1: Light Before Dark Oversized Sherpa Zip-Up Jacket

5- Light Before Dark Oversized Sherpa Zip-Up Jacket From Urban Outfitters

Living for this jacket though, I want it, I need it.  Please.  But I actually really like this jacket I think it’s amazing and I really want it but it’s really expensive and I’m broke so… yeah.  

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Hurricane Irma Update

Hey guys so today I’m giving you guys an update on my situation with hurricane Irma.  So if you have read the first update then you should go read that first.  (CLICK HERE).  So my school is opening back up tomorrow after about a week and a half of it being closed.  I know that a lot of other place had there schools and just other buildings in general, were completely demolished.  Luckily my school only had little damage.  I don’t know about my brother’s school, I know that it had some damage but we don’t know when it is damaged.  As for power, we still don’t have any, and the water is still out too. 

So that’s the update for hurricane Irma.  Comment down below what your situation with the hurricane is.  I hope you are all okay, and I’ll talk to you all later.  Bye!

Instagram Trends: Yes or No- Part 2

Hello everybody, so yesterday I posted- Instagram Trends: Yes or No.  I listed a bunch of Instagram trends and told you all my opinions on them.  (Click here for that post).  You guys loved it so today I’m bring you, part two.

Instagram Trends: Yes or No

Part Two

1- Braided eyebrows.Image result for braided eyebrows

So yesterday we talked about feathered eyebrows and today it gets worse… braided eyebrows.  Yes you read that right.  No typos, braided eyebrows are officially a thing.  If you don’t know what braided eyebrows are then your are the luckiest person on this planet because braided eyebrows are the devils gift to this world.  I don’t think I like braided brow for music festivals or magazines.  Just no.

2- Using Weird Things as Beauty Blenders!Related image

This trend is probably the weirdest trend I’ve ever seen.  People use things from, boiled eggs to condoms.  And to be honest I just don’t get it.  In most of the videos I’ve seen they show a beauty blender at the beginning of the video, and then just throw it away, so its not like they don’t have one or anything.  I don’t hate this, the videos are amusing as hell.  But I just don’t understand this at all.  I personally can’t wait to see what these people use next.

3- Lollipop Lips?Image result for lollipop lips

So this is probably the worst one yet.  So as you can see from the photo, the point of this trend is to put on lipstick and then smudge it.  Why?  I don’t know.  I feel like it would be really weird because people would be telling you all day, your lipstick is smudged, and you would have to say “nah, I’m just lollipopin’ it.”  I also think it looks really bad. 

4- Neon Eyeliner!Image result for neon eyeliner

Actually so happy with this one.  I love it so much, it no that crazy and it is super cute. Would definitely try it out.  Just like last time, it’s the fancy eyeliners that I always fall in love with.

5- Wavy Brows…Image result for wavy eyebrows

So I’m going to just quickly say I hope that who ever made wavy eyebrows sits down and thinks about what they have done because what the hell is this bullshit?  I literally just don’t understand why someone would do this to themselves.  It’s one hundred percent a no from me. 

So that is it for this post.  Comment down below which of these weird trends you would try and the weirdest thing you have seen someone apply makeup with.  Make sure to give this post s thumbs up an share it with your friends.  Give me a follow and I’ll talk to you next time.  Bye!

Travel Essentials

Hey guys so today I am going to be telling you all my travel essentials.  I hope this helps you when your travelling, and if you don’t travel then I hope you just enjoy the post.  Lets get right into the post.

Travel Essentials

1- Rose Gold Tote from Victoria’s Secret Carry On

Image result for rose gold tote purse from victoria's secret

This bag I got for free at PINK when they were doing on of their spend this much money and get free stuff.  I bough two bras and got this for free and I use it ever time I travel.  If you’re not looking for a huge backpack to put your laptop, passport, etc etc. then this bag is perfect because it fits a lot of stuff in it for its size.  It fits underneath the seat perfectly and is also super cute.

2- Blanket

Now listen, if anyone doesn’t know I live on a hot ass island.  So when I travel to Canada to visit my family, shit gets cold.  So I need to bring a fuzzy blanket with me so my toes don’t freeze off.  Also if its small enough you can keep it in your carry on and use it on the plane.

3- Map of Airport

So this on is obvious, but if you are travelling to somewhere that you have never been, you should take a amp of the airport with you so you don’t spend hours trying to find the exit.  whether you print one out, or you have it ready on your phone it is one hundred percentage an essential while travelling. 

4- Sudoku Book/Reading Book

Yes, yes I know, I’m basically an old person because I love that Sudoku life, but loving Sudoku comes in hand when you’re bored on a four hour flight, so it is definitely on my Travel Essentials list.  If you don’t like Sudoku then a good book does the trick too. 

5- GUM!!

When flying if your ears pop, which mine do, then chew gum and they pop less.  Life hack, not really though because everyone knows it.  But if you didn’t, life hack!  

So that is it for today blog post guys, if you want a part two of this post make sure to give it a thumbs up and share it with your friends if you think they will like it.  Comment which of these travel essential’s you can’t live without.  I’ll talk to you all later.  Bye!

Why Starbucks is a Necessary Evil

Hey guys, so I may get a lot of hate for writing this post, but let me start of by saying I love Starbucks, okay!  But today I’m going to be breaking down all the reason why

Starbucks is a Necessary Evil

Image result for starbucks

So lets get right into this post shall we?

1- Prices!

So anyone that loves going to Starbucks definitely has to deal with the fact that a tall cost’s $3.69 (Canada).  Like Starbucks, you know you’re my girl, but what the hell.  I mean why can’t we just chill so I don’t have to go broke after buying a Chai Tea Latte.  Starbucks, get on that please.

2- The Lines…

When you walk into a Starbucks and there is easily twenty people in line and only two employees, that’s when your instincts should kick in, and you should listen to the voice in the back of your head.  “I thought we were on a diet.” “You know how bad frappuccino are for you.” “You’ll be in this line forever!”  But you know you really want that Strawberry’s and Creme Frap so you strut on in so confidently, and wait in that line for forty-five minutes.  But hey you got your frap right!

3- Middle Schoolers.

When you go to Starbucks all the time as I do, sometimes there are the average little kids.  Now first of all I’m standing behind you in line asking myself where is your mother because when I was your age I couldn’t go to the park alone, let alone Starbucks.  And secondly, normally it’s these girls first time at Starbucks, which mean add ten more minutes to your waiting time honey, this will take awhile.  A few days ago there were kids from middle school in line ahead of me, and this is how it went:

“Can I get a small, *whispers to her friend for two minutes*pumpkin spice latte.” one say’s and I’m here like, do they know that has caffeine in it?  “And can I get a,” *scoots past me to look at food*  Which I get we have all been there but then she takes two more minutes deciding what she wants.  They she finally gets a brownie, which like personally I would have gone for a cake pop but you do you honey.  Then the employee ask if she wanted it warmed up, and I don’t know if she didn’t understand the question or if she just didn’t know if she wanted it warmed up because she changed her answer at least ten times.  In the end she got it warmed up.  I though okay finally its over my turn.  Nope, it’s her friends turn.  So she goes through the same process, then it is time to pay.  So they take forever but decide to split the bill.  So the pumpkin spice queen pays her side, they the other girl say “Oh I don’t have any money I thought you were paying.” which got under my skin so quickly.  Then why did you split the bill?  So they payed then it was my turn.  It’s fine, because I know that awhile back that was me.

4- Spelling.

Every Starbucks regular has had their name spelled wrong at a Starbucks, this is not new to anyone.  But listen, I just waited in line, behind kids, and payed hella money for this frap.  And you are going to disrespect me, by spelling my name wrong causing me to be unable to take snapchat and Instagram photos.  Shame.

So that is it for today’s post, if you liked it make sure to give it a like and share it with your fellow Starbucks queens.  If you have any other reasons why Starbucks is a Necessary Evil make sure to comment them down below, I would love to hear all of them.  But I’ll talk to you all later, bye!

5 Places I Wish I Could Visit P.2

Hey guys, so my most popular blog post is one titled, 5 Places I Wish I Could Visit.  So today I am going to give you all, 

5 Places I Wish I Could Visit Part 2

So let’s get into this post right away shall we?

1- CroatiaImage result for croatia

Croatia is definitely at the top of my list for the places I wish to go.  Not only is it such a beautiful country, but my Grandma is also from there so I want to see where my grandma grew up.  My mom and grandma recently went there while they where travelling through Europe, and the people there remember my grandma from the first grade.

2- Bora Bora Image result for bora bora


I know that Bora Bora is an island like the one I live on but I feel like it’s a whole new experience.  I want to stay in one of the little house on the water.  That’s definitely on my bucket list.

3- New ZealandRelated image

I have always wanted to visit the hobbit holes in New Zealand.  Also I want to see the cute penguins and seals that they have there.  It a beautiful country over all and I couldn’t resist adding it to the list.

4- Venice, ItalyImage result for venice

I want to ride in a boat through the city, because that is what they do in they movies.  It is one of the most unique cities in the world and is unlike any other.  I hope to one day visit this city with some friends or my mom.

5- TokyoImage result for tokyo

I have always loved Tokyo.  And now I heard that there is a cat cafe there.  Honey give me one second while I book some tickets.  But in all seriousness I would jump at the opportunity to go to Tokyo.  And also I really want to go to the Disney Land in Tokyo. 

So that is it for this post guys.  Make sure to give this post a like if you want a part three!  Comment down below what place you would go to if you could, and what you want to see next.  Give my blog a follow if you want to and I’ll write to you all again soon.  Bye!